‘Hear My Voice’ concerta: A new album is finally out

‘Hear My Voice’ concerta: A new album is finally out

Concerta 54, the new album by the Prince of Wales, has finally been released.

The band’s fourth album, released on October 10, was billed as a comeback after the singer had a brief hiatus in 2016.

But after a series of setbacks, including a heart attack and a ruptured kidney, Prince of Queens has announced he is taking a break.

In a statement on his Facebook page, the band said: “In our time away from the stage we have been working on our third album which is finally here.

It’s a celebration of all that we have accomplished together and a message for those who feel like they are left behind.”

The new album features new songs, new artwork and the return of the Prince’s vocals.

Concerta, the title of the album, is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music and Rdio, and on CD and vinyl.