How to Save Your Face on Your Walk-on Film: ‘A Little Bit of Both’

How to Save Your Face on Your Walk-on Film: ‘A Little Bit of Both’

“We’re just in the middle of our third year in the world of The Voice, and we’ve seen the growth of the fandom,” said Chris Brown.

“We’ve had some great times.

But you know what, sometimes, you just want to get up and go home.”

Brown has a point.

On the third day of this year’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver, the pop star and longtime vocalist shared that sentiment with the audience during his performance of his latest song, “Little Bit of both.”

Brown said he didn’t know the lyrics to the song when he wrote it, but the lyrics are very personal to him and he doesn’t want to let the public down.

“I want to tell the story in a way that the fans can relate to,” he said.

“So I wanted to tell a story that is kind of like a little bit of both, but also not a little little bit.”

The song’s lyrics are all about the idea that it’s OK to have an open heart, Brown said.

But there’s also a hint of the emotional toll that can come with a life of drugs and alcohol.

“When you have a life that’s kind of full of darkness and stuff, it’s hard to get through it,” he explained.

“But when you’re able to have that light and that laughter and love and happiness, it becomes really easy.

I’m not sure how you’re supposed to get it in a world that’s so dark and so broken.”

Brown and his band, Red Rocks, have toured extensively around the country since their first show in 2009, which earned them the nickname “The Voice.”

In the past year, they have been joined on the tour by members of other major acts like Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Chance the Rapper and more.

Brown has even opened for a group of the world’s biggest artists like The Weeknd and Beyoncé.

He and the Red Rocks have been the subject of some pretty wild social media posts.

The Red Rocks tour began with a song called “Little Little Boy,” a parody of the Beatles’ “Let It Be,” which Brown and the band played live at the time.

On Tuesday night, the band’s website announced that “A Little bit of Both” will be available for streaming on Spotify on Friday, April 12.

The band posted the following message on its Facebook page.

The voice is not a thing of the past.

We will continue to be the voice that we always wanted to be.

A Little bit in both.

To those of you who’ve been waiting for us, we’re back and better than ever.

Enjoy the ride.

We’ll be back soon with more great music.

“To the fans of the band that came to our first show here, this is your time.

We are here for you,” it concluded.

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