How to make a Pink Floyd concert mask with this ‘bionic’ foam

How to make a Pink Floyd concert mask with this ‘bionic’ foam

In 2014, the US Patent and Trademark Office granted Pink Floyd a patent for a mask that could help people feel better after being blinded by the band’s iconic “Dark Side of the Moon” video.

The mask could potentially improve eye health after being treated for a traumatic injury.

The patent was published by the USPTO in November.

But the company is still working on a version that’s made of a more durable material that could be better suited for people with a more difficult time adjusting to the mask.

Here’s how to make one.

The Pink Floyd “bionic” foam is made up of a layer of polyester resin, which has a thin layer of adhesive.

Once the adhesive has been applied, the foam is then sprayed onto a mask.

This adhesive helps the mask’s adhesive layer to adhere to the face mask. 

The rubber layer that’s left behind is then placed over the eyes, ears, nose and mouth to provide some protection against dust, water and other contaminants.

The patent is for a foam made from a thin material called ‘polyamide resin’, which is a polymer that’s typically made from wood, metal or plastic, which is less prone to cracking. 

For Pink Floyd’s “Dark Lord” video, the band used the material to make the foam.

The film itself, which was released in 1976, had a rubber layer of rubber around the lens of the camera, creating a protective effect for the audience.

The rubber layer had to be removed in order to make room for the mask to be worn. 

However, after years of using the material, the rubber layer starts to peel off and the film has to be replaced.

This is due to the film having a plastic film inside of it, and when it gets stuck to the plastic film, it breaks and releases the rubber on the film surface.

The foam is designed to be able to easily peel off, allowing the mask for wear to remain on the face and mouth for as long as needed. 

After Pink Floyd released their version of “Dark Day” in 1977, they experimented with different materials to see if they could make something that was more durable. 

One material that came out of the experiment was the foam used in the “Dark Prince” video from 1976. 

In the film, the audience is seated in a theatre and the camera is used to film a crowd of people dancing in a darkened area of the venue. 

When the audience turns their heads to look at the camera to see what’s going on, the camera will capture light coming from the performers.

However, when the audience looks away, they are shown only the reflection of their own eyes, rather than the light coming through the lenses of the cameras. 

To make the mask, the team took a different approach.

They developed a new material to build the mask using a special polymer, which allowed the team to make foam that was thinner than the rubber used in previous versions of the mask and which was able to withstand the wear and tear of years of use. 

While the team experimented with other materials to make more durable versions of their foam, the company eventually decided to build their version using a ‘biotic’ foam, which the patent describes as “a flexible polymer of polyamide resin with a low molecular weight”.

The team then added the new material, and added a layer on top of it that was able in theory to be flexible and not break. 

This new material was then sprayed on to the entire mask to create a mask made of foam. 

Once the mask was sprayed with the new foam, it was able not only to withstand years of wear and the occasional tear, but also to withstand damage to the foam itself. 

“The new foam was strong enough to withstand a high-impact, long-term use,” the patent explains.

“It was also strong enough not to break down, which made it ideal for a ‘stretching’ application. 

As you can see in the video, when I wear the mask I can’t feel the rubber anymore.

It’s very comfortable.

It stays on my face even when I am sitting down and I can still move around freely.”

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