RNC announces $200M in debt relief for RNC members

RNC announces $200M in debt relief for RNC members


— The Republican National Committee announced Friday it will slash its debt from $1.5 billion to $200 million.

The RNC said it would cut its debt by $300 million and refinance the $2.8 billion debt, meaning it will be able to use $2 billion of that to pay off debt that is already paid.

The announcement comes as President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., seek to revive the debt-freezing measures they pushed for in March.

The debt-ceiling standoff has pushed Republicans to a brinkmanship that has resulted in the loss of more than $600 million in debt and millions of dollars in uncollected funds, according to the RNC.

The plan would also save the RNC more than a billion dollars in debt from the Trump administration’s budget cuts, which the party has said would cost the party tens of millions of federal dollars.

The Republican Party had $1 billion in debt, the party said, and it needed $1 million to make the refinancing possible.

The $200m debt relief is the biggest the RNC has ever received and represents a reduction from the $1-billion it previously promised in March after lawmakers failed to agree on a plan.

The GOP has been negotiating on a debt-for-fiscal year resolution, which is a compromise that could allow the party to continue to collect money owed.

But that resolution would not be final until the Republican-controlled Congress passes a budget.

Trump and McConnell said Thursday they would pass a debt ceiling resolution and then seek to reopen the government after a government shutdown ends in October.

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