Which concert will get the biggest audience ever?

Which concert will get the biggest audience ever?

“It’s the largest concert ever,” said John H. Campbell, president of the New York State Association of Broadcasters, in an interview with The Associated Press.

The total audience at the opening ceremony of Lady Gaga’s concert at Madison Square Garden on Monday was 6.9 million people, making it the largest in the history of the annual event.

Campbell said the audience was bigger than that of the 2011 Super Bowl and the 2000 Winter Olympics.

The largest audience ever for a sports event was at the 2004 World Series.

“That’s the biggest crowd ever,” Campbell said.

“Lady Gaga was in the arena.”

Gaga will be performing at Madison Avenue for the second time.

She performed a set at the New Yorker Ballroom in February 2016 and her latest performance was at Madison’s Madison Square Gardens on Monday.

She opened with “Til It Happens to You,” an acoustic version of “Happy.”

She also had a version of her hit song “Born This Way” on Monday night.

The New York Times reported that the audience at Lady Gaga concerts have grown by as much as 12 million people a year, which means she is one of the most popular artists in the country.

The Associated Statesman said the event’s audience has grown by an average of 10 million a year.

“The people are going to come out to see the music,” Campbell told the AP.

“We’re getting a lot more people to come.

We’ve had a record number of people come to see her.”

Campbell said there was a lot of enthusiasm about the concert.

“I can tell you right now, this is the best crowd I’ve ever seen,” he said.

Campbell added that the concert sold out in just 24 hours, which he called a record.

“There were people sitting in the bleachers, there were people standing on the sidelines,” he told the Associated Press, which reported that more than 400,000 people attended the concert on Sunday.

Campbell also said he didn’t expect the concert to draw a lot larger crowds than it did.

“When we go into arenas, it usually has the capacity of 80,000 or 80,500 people,” he explained.

“It usually draws more than that.”

A concert typically draws a crowd of about 500 people, Campbell said, and this year’s concert drew an average crowd of 3,000.