halseys 2018 live concert in Sydney

halseys 2018 live concert in Sydney

halseies 2018 live concerts are being hosted by Melbourne’s iconic Melbourne Opera House and have now kicked off a month long celebration with a bang in Sydney.

The show, which has been billed as hale hale, hale yay, hallelujah and hallelucie, kicks off on October 28 and continues through December 13.

Halsey will headline the Melbourne Opera house, which is hosting a series of concerts, live shows and other events this year.

Tickets for the first show in October sold out in a matter of minutes on Ticketek, with the ticket price of $99.90 including GST (about $2.40 more than the average Australian concert ticket).

Halseys last live show was at the Sydney Opera House on December 5, which saw her perform a new song called Halleluja.