The Who, Metallica, and the ‘Metallica’ Songbook

The Who, Metallica, and the ‘Metallica’ Songbook

The Who’s ‘MetALLICA’ album is one of the most anticipated albums of the year.

And yet, there’s an element of confusion about the songbook for the album.

In fact, the songs on the album are all essentially interchangeable.

Here’s the breakdown.


‘Won’t Back Down’ and ‘All My Friends’ were released in December.

As the name suggests, the song is about a band’s reunion.

“Won`t Back Down” was written and recorded in January.

Metallica had already played their first gig together in August.

This time around, the band had to make a huge amount of changes to the song.

The band had been forced to take the band’s songs off the album, as well as play live shows that would have otherwise had the songs removed.

The album version of “Wont Back Down,” which is on the track list below, had a different title.

It was titled “All My Kinds of Friends,” and it is actually the title of the song on the Metallica album.


“Stingray” was released on June 30, 2019.

The name is a reference to a 1966 song by the British rock group Stingray.

Stingray was an American-inspired group with a British cover band.

Metallia was playing live shows in August and September of 2019.


“I Want You Back” was recorded in August 2019.

” I Want You back” was originally written for a show at the Royal Albert Hall, the London venue that had been used for Metallica concerts since 2009.

This was the last time Metallica played in the venue.

The song has a similar title to the “WON`T BACK DOWN” song.


“Live at the Apollo” was a song released in January 2020.

The original recording of the band performing live in a video that was released in August 2020.

It’s a song that was written in the same vein as the “I WANT YOU BACK” song, but the name is different.

” Live at the Apokalips” is actually called ” Live on the Apollo ,” and it was recorded at the same venue that was used for the band`s “WONT BACK DOWN.”


“Breathe” was initially recorded in September 2019.

This is the second song that has an alternate title on the “Live At the Apoks” songlist.

” Breathe” is a song about a woman who suffers from anxiety.

Metallie had written it in January, 2020, and it also has a different name.


“Nocturne” was the second single released in October 2020.

This track has the title ” Nocturne .”

It is the song that the band performed live in August, and is on their “WOULD NOT BACK DOWN .”


“The Night” was one of four songs released in September 2020.

” The Night” is one the band released in the studio for “WILL NOT BACK UP” as a prelude to the studio recording of “Live on the Apokes.”

It was originally recorded in February 2020.


“Tombstone” was on the November 2020 album.

” Tombstone” is another song from the band.

It is an extended version of the “Night” song that appeared on “WORD.”

The song is also on the band�s upcoming album, the Darkest Hour, which is due out November 1, 2020.


“Harmony” was not released in 2020, but was included on the October 20, 2020 album, which was released two days after the tour was cancelled.

” Harmony” was also released on the May 20, 2021 album, a day after Metallica released the album in early May.

” Harmony ” was released as a single and as a bundle of CDs and was also a part of the Who tour that same year.


“Blues In The Rain” was included as a part one of a multi-disc collection on the Who Live album.


“Rise” was never released on Who Live, but it was a live track that was recorded by Metallica for the Who Tour.


“Lives Like These” was added to the Who catalog in January 2021.

It contains a different song title.


“Darkest Hour” was available for the first time on the August 21, 2020 concert tour.

It features a different track title than “Loves Like These.”


“Astro Song” was part of a two-disc concert collection that was included in the May 21, 2021 concert tour, which also included “Live On the Apkins.”


“All the Things You’ve Done” was removed from the Who live show album and replaced with “All You’ve Got.”


“Love Train” was made available for

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