Aussie singer-songwriter has cancelled his gig at the upcoming Tobymac concerts

Aussie singer-songwriter has cancelled his gig at the upcoming Tobymac concerts

AUSTRALIA is bracing for an “incredible” storm that could cause disruptions for the country’s next major concert tour.

Key points:An unprecedented storm warning is in place for parts of NSW, Victoria, Western Australia and South AustraliaThe storm could be one of the most severe since a similar one in 2017A new storm warning was issued for the Northern Territory on TuesdayA cyclone warning is also in place in New South Wales for parts near Townsville, and for the Hunter region for parts north of Adelaide.

The Storm Warning for the Australian Capital Territory was issued at 3:30pm on Tuesday and the Storm Warning in Western Australia was issued on Wednesday at 7:30am.

The warning is the latest in a series of warnings issued by the state and federal governments since the end of the 2017 cyclone season.

The Northern Territory has already received three warnings from the federal government and it will continue to receive one warning from the states on Tuesday.

“The threat of a cyclone is unprecedented, it will cause a major disruption to the Northern Territories and its people,” the Northern and Southern Territories Disaster Management Centre said in a statement.

“While the warning is not a mandatory evacuation order, it does provide some reassurance that people living in affected areas are aware of their obligations.”‘

Extreme’ conditions are expected to hit the Territory as the weather system moves through the region.

Storms typically bring heavy rain and wind, but this storm is expected to bring even more, with up to 10cm of rain expected in some areas.

“We have already had some rain, with about 20cm of snow, and there is some concern that it will move into some areas and create some big flash flooding,” the NTRDC said.

“Our advice is that this storm will be extreme and we need to get the people out as quickly as possible.”

The NTRCD predicted the cyclone could hit the NT as early as Friday morning, but said it was likely to move to the south-east of the state.

A severe weather warning is already in place across the NT for parts east of Townsville and it is expected the storm could bring even greater rainfall.

“It is a very strong storm with a lot of potential for significant flash flooding in some places,” the state’s Meteorology Service said.

It is expected that some areas of the NT could see up to 1.5 metres of rain in the state on Thursday.

The storm is currently forecast to arrive over the ACT on Saturday and it may reach the WA border on Sunday morning.

“Storms have been moving up the east coast of the ACT for the last few days,” the Australian Meteorological and Climatology Service warned.

“With an expected trough coming over WA on Sunday, we are looking to see what rain falls over the area and then what the rain will be like on Monday.”

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