How to make the perfect cocktail from scratch

How to make the perfect cocktail from scratch

The first time I drank a cocktail was at a party.

I’m a bit of a cocktail geek, and I knew that a lot of cocktails I’d been drinking before were all made with a single-malt rum.

It was at the party where I’d first heard the term “single-mahogany” that I got the idea for this drink, which, when combined with a simple rum and simple sugar, is what you get.

It’s a little more complicated than a simple gin, but it’s easy to do.

It takes a little bit of planning.

First, make the ingredients.

Make a small batch of rum.

If you don’t have one, use about three to four ounces.

If there’s a cocktail book that you can borrow, use one.

Combine the ingredients in a glass.

Add ice and stir to combine.

If the ice is too stiff, stir in some water.

Add a little salt.

Taste the drink and adjust the amount of sugar.

When you’re ready to pour, pour it on the bar and wait for the bartender to add it.

Then, fill the glass with ice and drink.

This drink is a bit on the complex side, but if you have a good mixer and enough time to make it, it’s really easy to make.

This cocktail can be served with a salad, or served alone.

The ingredients are simple enough that you could easily mix them up at home and have a drink that tastes just like your favorite cocktail.