How to watch Christian concerts in Sydney

How to watch Christian concerts in Sydney

You can get tickets to the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s Christmas concert on Saturday, December 6, but it may not be for long.

The concert is set to run from 6:30pm on Friday until 10:30am on Sunday.

The Sydney Symphony is the first orchestra in the country to feature a non-profit charity.

The concert, titled “The Promise”, will feature the Australian Symphony Orchestra and the Australian Christian Foundation as the featured artists.

The Australian Christian Fund is the charity that works to bring more of the world’s Christians to Australia.

It has partnered with the Sydney Opera House to host a concert series in the Sydney CBD.

The program will be hosted by the Australian and New Zealand Ballet Theatre.

It is one of many projects the Opera House is currently working on for 2018.

This year, it will feature a ballet with an Aboriginal theme.

In 2017, it was announced the Sydney Ballet’s Dance of the Seasons program would feature two Aboriginal dancers.

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