Pitbull concert tickets on sale now: New tickets available at StubHub

Pitbull concert tickets on sale now: New tickets available at StubHub

Tickets for the new Pitbull album Sturgis 2019 are now available for sale at Stubhub, thanks to a tweet from the band’s manager and the release of their upcoming album, A New Beginning.

Sturgies newest album will be released on October 6.

“We’re excited to announce the launch of the new album Struggling For You.

The album features the best new songs we’ve written in our entire career.

The band is very excited to share the album with fans and fans can pre-order now at www.stubhub.com,” Sturgys management team tweeted on October 1.

The new album will include four songs from the album’s first single “Struggly” with another single, “My Heart Will Go On” featuring a guest appearance by K-pop singer and songwriter Lee Sangwoo.

The record will be Sturgises first album in five years.

“Sturgis is a band that has been at the forefront of many different genres and has consistently delivered a quality sound to the public.

The Sturgisfly album will give fans a chance to hear the band at their best.

We can’t wait to share this album with all our fans,” Streatis manager, James “James” James, said in a statement.

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