When Charlotte’s concert scene is ‘no more than a memory’

When Charlotte’s concert scene is ‘no more than a memory’

When Charlotte Jones opened her show at the Charlotte Civic Auditorium on Tuesday night, she was greeted by a chorus of boos and chants of “Nigga!” as she made her way down the aisle.

The show’s organizers, organizers, who had been planning a big week of events that included an all-star performance by pop singer-songwriter Ariana Grande, said they couldn’t afford to hold the show.

“We are really bummed about it,” said the Charlotte native, who is currently a resident of the Charlotte area.

“We can’t afford that kind of ticket sales.”

As a result, the Charlotte-based group will hold a limited number of tickets to the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra on Wednesday night and a sold-out show on Thursday night.

They will also hold a show in Memphis, Tennessee, and a concert in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jones’ show was the first in Charlotte since her 2016 performance at the Civic Auditoria, where the Charlotte City Council passed a resolution to end her participation in the city’s annual Music City Festival.

That festival, which has attracted more than 150,000 people to the city, draws a large crowd of people who flock to the Civic to enjoy concerts, festivals and other music.

But after Jones performed a song about President Donald Trump, several people shouted at her and she had to be escorted from the stage.

During the concert, she told a group of fans that she was “sick and tired” of being booed and that she wants to move on.

I’m sick and tired of being a scapegoat,” she said, adding that she has been the target of racial slurs in the past.

She said she is “still fighting” against the racism that is being perpetuated against me.

As for the Charlotte concert, Jones said it was a big success for her band, but that she hopes to move forward.

Charlotte Jones said she hopes that she can continue to perform at concerts for years to come.”

I want to give something back.”

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