New music from ‘Banda MS’

New music from ‘Banda MS’

In a new interview with The Atlantic, Banda MS’s frontman and founding member, Daniel Kowalski, discussed the upcoming album’s subject matter and the band’s current touring schedule.

“The album’s gonna be a full-on musical exploration of the time period that we’re living in,” he said.

“We’re in a moment where we’re constantly being pushed into different areas and genres and this album will be the culmination of that.

We’ve never been more in this time, and I think that will be a very meaningful piece of music for me and for all of us.”

When asked about whether the album’s music will be inspired by historical figures such as Thomas Edison or George Washington, Kowalksi responded that the band “will be trying to make a very conscious statement of who we are as a group.”

“I’m sure that you’ve all heard of this guy, Thomas Edison, or George W. Bush,” he added.

“They’ve all been in the spotlight for their actions or their actions towards other people or their behavior towards others.

I think it’s something that’s been really meaningful for us, as we move forward, and we feel very strongly that we have a responsibility to make sure that we do things with our music that are meaningful and that reflect the values that we hold dear.”

In addition to being inspired by past figures, Kowealski said that the album will also feature music from the current and future bands playing in the U.S. and Canada.

“I think it is going to be a lot of good music, and that’s something we’re very excited about,” he told The Atlantic.

“This is going a lot deeper than a record that’s gonna play to people in the States.

We want it to be something that people will listen to for a while, that will feel like it has some relevance to where we are in the world.

We are a group of people who are very deeply committed to the idea that we can and will bring people together in this way.”

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