The best of 2016: Live concert tickets and shows

The best of 2016: Live concert tickets and shows

I got my first concert tickets at a show at the legendary Fillmore in 1970, the very same year as Nirvana.

My mom took me there, and I still have the tickets that she gave me, and there was a great, great show.

It was a lot of fun.

My first concert, that was a real blast.

And then when I moved to New York, my mom wanted me to go to a show in the Bronx and it was like, ‘That was awesome, but you’ve got to go back.’

So I went back.

I remember the first show I went to in New York was in the early 1980s.

I was a huge fan of The Beach Boys.

So I came back to New Jersey and I had a great time there.

I love going to concerts, and they’re like a great little escape from the day.

I’ll go to the show.

You know, I’ll get a good night’s sleep.

It’s just such a great thing to do.

You go to shows.

You see these people, you meet these people.

They’re just great.

It makes me want to stay in New Jersey forever.

I’ve had so many people say, ‘Oh, I wish I could go to these shows.’

They’re amazing.

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