The Last Kiss Concert of the Year

The Last Kiss Concert of the Year

Marches are the big show at this year’s Kennedy Center Honors, where celebrities are honored for their contributions to art and culture, and for giving voice to the voiceless.

But at the Kennedy Center, the last Kiss concert of the year was held on January 17, 1967, and it was held just two months before the Vietnam War began.

The star-studded concert, featuring the likes of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Joe Strummer, and the late George Harrison, was a showcase for the band The Doors, who had just released their landmark debut album, The Doors of Perception.

In the decades that followed, the band’s music became synonymous with the music scene, and its influence is still felt today.

But while the show that took place in the Kennedy Auditorium on January 1, 1967 is a classic, many of the musicians featured on the final night of the show were just as influential in their own careers as they were in the early years of rock and roll.

That’s why it’s important to understand the impact of those musicians on the music that came after them.